Where do you search for information ... Google right?

So do your customers!

Businesses today need to be found on Google to survive

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With affordable mobile internet, customers have changed the way they search for information, products and services. Goodbye Yellow Pages, hello Google. Google makes the answer to any question available on any connected device 24/7 quick and easy.

The challenge is that only so many results can be shown on a page and very few people look at the second page of Google! So basically, if you are not on the first page of Google ... you dont exist.

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With over 33.4 Million South Africans connected to the internet at the end of 2018, the question is no longer are your customers searching online ... but rather will they find you or your competition when they search?

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Our Process

Our proven process guarantees measurable results.


We start with the budget as it will help to determine the number of landing pages, ad groups etc that will be developed. A huge budget is not necessary to get leads from Google Ads but we recommend a min ad spend of R4,000 per month as this has proven to be the sweet spot for a lot of our new and small business clients


In this phase, we investigate the search phrases that target customers use when looking to purchase a product or service in your industry. In addition we have a look at your competitors that are also advertising on Google Ads to see what they are doing right and doing wrong, to give your business the best advantage possible.


During Setup, we develop the advertising campaign on the Google Ads platform. This entails developing the targeted landing pages, setup adgroups, target geographic areas, search phrase keywords and conversions and develop reports that will provide the information on the advertising campaign to be used later.


Reporting entails the provision of performance reports to our clients on the expenditure, and performance of their advertising campaign. Depending on the detail required we can show demographic, search string, browsing behaviour and other types of data.


This step is an ongoing process. We evaluate the information gained on search phrases, conversions, demographic data, browsing behaviour and more to make changes to the advertising campaign to improve performance and reduce cost. In addition the data obtained is used for remarketing to ensure every visitor is taken through the sales funnel.

What Our Clients Say

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Excellent Service

Gerhard has helped to put our business on the digital map. From the first week we have received targeted enquiries that have helped to build our business. Contact him!

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Excellent Support

Thank you to Gerhard and Provision Solutions. We were struggling to get enquiries from Google Ads, but with your help we are now smiling as business comes to us. Thank you.

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Great Communication

WOW! The first digital marketing company we have dealt with that gives feedback as well as updates on our campaigns and options to improve. You guys rock!

Get your business on the first page of Google today.

Free trial. Guaranteed results. No Risk.

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